Eighth-grade class collects almost 400 cans of food

NETTLE CREEK – As Nettle Creek eighth-grade students got ready for the holiday season, they decided to reduce the amount of money they spent on the their classmates gift and instead use that extra money to bring food to those in need.

To do this, the class headed up a canned food and nonperishable food drive for Grundy County We Care, according to a news release from the eighth-grade class.

The collection ran from Dec. 13 through Thursday. Each morning of the drive ,the eighth-graders would go to all the classrooms and collect what the students had brought in for that day.

Mrs. Darlington’s kindergarten and Mrs. Doerfler’s second-grade classes led the school in most goods supplied on the last day of our contest. On Thursday after school, Mrs. Callahan took her fifth-grade class out to collect for the cause and they collected 177 more cans for the food drive.

Thanks to Mrs. Callahan and the students, and Mrs. Kirkpatrick and her eighth-graders, the school collected almost 400 cans and boxes for those in need for the holiday season.  

Since life always is a learning experience the students found that their collection averaged four donations per student in the school.