Pastor Scott Lohman and State Rep. Anthony in prayer at Illinois Capitol

SPRINGFIELD – Pastor Scott Lohman of Minooka CrossPoint Lutheran Church and his wife Gina went to the Illinois Capitol recently for Pastor Scott to pray at the Illinois General Assembly – House of Representatives.

Pastor was a guest of 75th District state Rep. John Anthony, R-Plainfield, who has offices in Morris and Minooka.

“Now, we pray: Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Almighty God, our Help in ages past, our Hope for years to come. All rule and authority in the world come from You, O Lord. We thank You for Your guiding hand. We come before You today praying for our government, and specifically for the Representatives here today. We are grateful for the good government that You have ordained to rule in our land. You have blessed our country, our state and our people,” Pastor Scott said during his prayer, according to a news release.

Anthony said on his Facebook page, “Thanks to Pastor Scott Lohman of Minooka CrossPoint Lutheran Church for giving the invocation…in the General Assembly. It was an honor to have you,” according to a news release.

Pastor Scott said it was great to be there to pray for our government.

Minooka CrossPoint Lutheran Church meets every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at the Minooka Village Hall, 121 McEvilly Road in Minooka. Pastor Scott may be contacted by phone at 630-379-1477 or by email at