Weather Service: Weak tornado did touch down in Grundy County

MORRIS – New information released by the National Weather Service confirms there was an EF-0 tornado that touched down in Grundy County north of Morris on Monday night.

"We've conducted an aerial search of the area on Thursday and found a visible path through the corn north of Morris," National Weather Service meteorologist Ricky Castro said Friday morning.

He said the service determine the difference between a tornado and straight line winds by the observance of an actual path.

He said the weather service received many photographs of the damage in the Morris area but it is hard to make a determination off a photo so meteorologists rely on aerial surveys.

An EF-0 tornado has wind speeds between 65 and 85 MPH.

The tornado's path was north of Morris between Route 47 and Lisbon Road.

He said in comparison there were straight line winds recorded up to 90 MPH closer to Morris, which in most cases cause more significant damage than an EF-0 tornado.

"Prior to the aerial view there was no conclusive evidence," Castro said.

He said it's typical to see enhanced pockets of damage from straight line winds south of the tornado, which coincides with damage witnessed in Morris.